Nanomite Lens

Nanomite Technology

After years of research, Nanomite Optical successfully developed Nanomite™ Lens that combat harmful visible and non-visible light

Nanomite™ technology is patented with national patent offices. It uses a unique coating technique that can be applied to all types of lens substrates, such as clear, photochromic and polarized lens. Optical lenses go through high precision vacuum chamber with ION assisted deposition technology to create a multi-layer stacking coating deposition on the lens surface. This allows Nanomite™ lens to bring Infrared Light, Blue Violet Light and UV Rays protection to your eyes.

Nanomite™ lens effectively filter:
Infrared Light - average 55%
Blue Violet Light - 28%
UV Rays - 99%

Note: Results were based on Nanomite™ 1.60 Clear Stock Lens. Result will varies when lens material, indices, prescription and hard coat properties changes.